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Yonatan Levi is a 33-year-old musician born in Tel-Aviv, Israel. 

Displaying musical tendencies since infancy, he was sent to an esteemed school of arts between ages 6-16, growing within the music department.

He began classical guitar training at the age of 7 and finished his studies as a music major. At age 13 he was awarded a scholarship for classical stand up bass studies from the Israeli Conservatory of Music in Tel Aviv.

By age 16, after turning his attention to Jazz, Levi was playing with some of Israel's Jazz greats; Amos Hoffman, Amit Golan, Avishai Cohen and others. He was honored a full scholarship to the prestigious Berkley College of Music.


In 2006 he moved to New York City and immersed himself in the New York Jazz world, playing alongside numerous celebrated musicians including Frank Wess, Ben Dixon, Eddie Henderson, Harry Whitaker and "Killer" Ray Appleton and Donald Harrison. He spent 10 years in New York City, playing continuous gigs at the city’s legendary venues, collaborating with local and international musicians and becoming a fixture in the scene. 

He had recorded a quartet album alongside Willie Jones III, Aaron Goldberg and Ofer Ganor and is featured in Ofer Ganor's album "Miles Away", starring the legendary drummer Jimmy Cobb.  Cobb has chosen Levi to accompany him in his Japan tour as a part of the world renowned Jimmy Cobb Quartet. 

He has toured throughout Europe, Russia, Japan, the Middle East, the Mediterranean and the US. He’s invited yearly to play the famous Red Sea Jazz Festival, the Tel-Aviv Jazz Festival and the Hot Jazz Festival in Tel-Aviv. 

In the past few years, since moving to Berlin, Levi has ventured into the vast electronic music world, becoming an avid vinyl collector as well as collaborating with electronic music producers who are known for their cross-genre, multi disciplinary approaches. He has recorded with producer, DJ and saxophone player Daze Maxim, records and performs live with producer Bruno Pronsato, creating the Archangel project released on the Foom label and fosters creative relationships and collaborations with other figures in the Berlin scene. 

Levi is currently based in Berlin, Germany, but is constantly on the road between Europe, the US and Israel.

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